With so much going on during these busy tween years, it is more difficult than ever to keep up with it all. So we'll do our best to let you know all that's going on. Be sure to check back often, as we post upcoming events as well as kudos and awards.

Middle School Counselor Ami Kemp
Kind Club
“Kindness is fundamental,” according to the Ben’s Bells website. When Ami Kemp transferred to Calabasas to serve as the middle school counselor last summer, she had the intention of building programs to promote social and emotional learning on campus
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Several students dissected frogs as part of the 21st CCLC after school program with science teacher Mr.Christian Viernes
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Security guard Mark Enciso playing instruments with Calabasas students
New security guard brings music and good vibes to campus
Elementary students gather with security guard Mark Enciso to play instruments and dance before school on Friday mornings.
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Students surrounding staff

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