Student Council - STUCO

Student Council - STUCO
Calabasas STUCO MembersWhat is Student Council?

Student Council is an extra-curricular after school academic club that helps involve students in learning about Democracy, Leadership, and being Good Citizens. This is implemented by planning fun activities and working together as a whole. It serves as “the voice of the students”. The Student Council shares students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and administration. This process is done through meetings with the club advisor. By engaging in these meetings, it gives students a voice to share what they believe in, preparing them to be leaders and good citizens in the near future.

Student Council consists of a group of students who love to be involved, supporting, and making a difference at our school. Creating a difference within our community, and with fellow students. Students that enjoy helping others and being part of their school. Just like our actual government, our members serve like our senate and vote on proposals. Also, officers serve to lead committees to discuss and plan new ideas. This interaction helps the community to improve by giving them a voice to those that have been silent for a long time. Now, they have one!

STUCO teaches our students leadership, diversity, academic achievement, community involvement, school spirit, and fundraising.

If you would to be part of STUCO and show your Cougar Pride - please email: [email protected]