SHAC Bronze Award

Calabasas school earns the SHAC Bronze Award
Posted on 05/18/2021
Healthy School of Distinction Bronze AwardBy Sarah Wright

Calabasas Physical Education teacher Joseph Butler was recognized by Core Purpose Consulting (CPC) during a school board meeting earlier this month for his efforts to lead the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) members and the Calabasas community to make healthier choices. The council’s efforts garnered the bronze award from CPC.

Butler said his role this year included helping lead the school in efforts to complete six required modules, implement ideas for student and staff wellness, guide other SHAC members to complete modules, and develop ideas and plans to help the school community become healthier, both mentally and physically.

He noted that bronze is the first level denoting the school’s commitment to healthy living. The council’s goal for next year is to meet the requirements for the silver level, and then to ultimately attain the sapphire level.

“Although the Bronze Award is the first level, we did achieve that much. Considering that we were so limited this year, and with COVID constraints, we persevered and now have momentum going into next school year,” he said.

To attain the highest level, the school must meet the requirements of six modules. This year, Calabasas completed the requirements for the nutrition and physical activity modules.

The nutrition module largely covered the school lunch program, snacks, nutrition classes and information available to students, staff, and community members, according to Butler.

To complete the physical activity module, the council needed to think creatively about how to meet the requirements while navigating all of the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While students were learning remotely, the council implemented healthy hour during which time staff members were invited to walk outside on the field. In addition to health hour, 36 staff members also participated in the spring steps challenge.

“It was great to get so many of us on board working together, encouraging each other to take steps to become healthier,” Butler said, adding that he is looking forward to what the school will be able to achieve next year.

The council members plan to incorporate more activities for staff and students that promote healthy lifestyles, including structured recess for students, and yoga, Zumba, and healthy potlucks for the staff. These extra efforts should help the school reach the next level of healthy living and help the council reach their goal of earning the silver award next year.

Other SHAC committee members include health teacher Tiffany Brookman, middle school counselor Lorena Tanori, parent liaison Diana Villalobos, and PE teacher Amanda Maken.